Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken, y'all

My whole goal in life is to use up the stuff that's already sitting around my house, buying as little as possible. That way, I can save up my money and go to Tuscany in 2012. For dinner, I tried to think up a meal that wouldn't involve a trip to the grocery store. (It's difficult for me to drive places because I'm a cat and human vehicles are big and cumbersome.)I found a bottle of sweet'n'sour sauce sitting next to the flour. There was chicken in the freezer. I snipped a lilac bell pepper from the garden while chasing a bird and two rabbits from the yard. Pineapple? Had some chunks in a can. Broccoli? Bought some locally grown a few days ago, and it was still sittin in the fridge. Dinner: sweet'n'sour chicken. Cost: $0.

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