Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Readers' Comments

Dear Readers:

Since my blog has become so popular over the years and since I'm so well known internationally on Facebook and Twitter, I get A LOT of reader feedback. A LOT, folks. I am humbled by the overwhelming response and interest in my life. Truly, I am. Believe me, I realize that I owe it all to my fans. Seriously. That's why I wanted to take just a moment to dig deep into the virtual mailbag and respond to just a few of my readers' inquiries:

Do you have a boyfriend?
Eric V. in Pennsylvania

In a word: no. While I do not discriminate against dating humans (if, in fact, that is what you are), I am currently already in a complicated inter-species relationship with a dog. (Please see my Facebook profile.)

Come out from behind your cloak of deciet and say who you are! I literally "hate" cats, and have no intention of friending one. Your stupid!
Anonymous from an unnamed town

While I believe that your lack of grammar is a far greater problem than our FB friendship, it appears that you didn't actually ask a question.

Who inspires you?
Cher in California

Oh, that's easy. Chaka Khan.

During your recent escape to Egypt, what did you learn?
Jane the Pain in Canada

Hmmm, good question. I learned very little as I have tried to escape again several times since then. A cat's brain is wired differently than a human's, so I don't really expect you to understand my insatiable wanderlust.

Which beach do you prefer: Cannes or The Outer Banks?
Natalie in D.C.

Ah, a trick question. We both know that those beaches are exactly the same. Good try, silly girl.


  1. A major hissss to the (cat) haters out there, Bede, and a question:

    What's the best fine-line diminisher on the market today: Yves Saint Laurent Majeur Serum, Chanel Age Delay, or Mario Badescu's Corrective Complex Emulsion?

    Merci Jolie

  2. Well, Stacey, oh gorgeous one, I prefer Chanel Age Delay, but then I've always been a sucker for Madame Coco. I mean, aren't we all?