Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Save Money on Food

Lots of folks look for ways to cut their grocery bill. Here's a tip that will help you save money: Get the flu. More importantly, make sure your whole family gets the flu. No co-pays to worry about cuz no one will have the strength to go to the doctor--or anywhere else, saving on car emissions and gasoline. Eco-friendly! Plus, no one will eat for at least two days. That's six meals worth of savings! Gatorade is cheaper than chicken stir fry for four ANY DAY. The best part is, once everybody is over the flu and back to work/school, they still won't have much of an appetite. Buy a box of cup o'soup and call that "breakfast and lunch." If you're the splurging type, pick up some of the 79-cent ginger ale. Dinner! Your budget--and your waistline--will thank you.

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