Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This woman at church had surgery and needed meals sent to her house. So, the church meal organizer--let's just call her MEANFACE--sends an email to all the cats at the church that goes like this:

"This woman needs some meals sent to her house--pronto! Get to cookin!"

Now, I'm a mogul without a lot of spare time, but I don't mind pitching in. As a cat with severe food allergies, however, I endeavor to find out a little bit about the people for whom I'm cooking. Are they lactose-intolerant? Do they have a problem with gluten? Is there a nut allergy present? Are they allergic to steak? THESE ARE VALID QUESTIONS.

So, I emailed MEANFACE back and asked, "Do have a phone number for the woman who needs meals?"

Meanface wrote back, "I put all of the info that I currently have in the previous email. There was some urgency to get the info out so the meals would start coming."

Well, no duh. I get that. Obviously, I'm not an idiot. I run a company with hundreds of subsidiaries and manage thousands of employees. But, I'm not gonna just show up at someone's house bearing a tuna noodle casserole without calling first to a) say what time I'm coming over and b) find out if the person's allergic to seafood. THAT WOULD BE STUPID.

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