Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gluten-Free, Anti-bovine, Kosher and Lovin It!

My good friends--the 700+ who follow me on Facebook-- know that I was recently diagnosed with a gluten allergy. My veterinarian found this fascinating, especially since a) I was already allergic to beef and dairy products and b) cats can usually eat whatever.

I used to be a vegan, but then I realized--as a feline who is committed to frugal living--bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks were readily available in my backyard. I found them both tasty and economical in these tough financial times. (As CEO of Persian Metamarketing Ltd., I employ a staff of thousands, with subsidiaries and licensees in a variety of markets throughout the world. Our CatNip Treats products in Canada have taken an especially tough hit, in light of the recent PR scandal that I'm sure you all are abundantly aware of.)

So, now I stay away from pasta and breads and try to fill my plate with veggies. Whenever I am at a restaurant, I like to ask the server if there is a gluten-free, kosher menu available. While I am not Jewish, I enjoy seeing the look on the server's face. I can tell she is thinking, "HOLY CRAP, who let a cat in the restaurant?"

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