Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Save $$ on Baby Shower Gifts

Hosting a baby shower for a family member or friend? Don't know what to buy? You don't have to spend much.

1. You know that Diaper Genie the UPS man delivered to your house by mistake? Give that to someone you really like. If you want to be really cool, you could add a companion gift of Diaper Genie liners, but that would cost money.

2. Frame that e-mail your friend sent you where she wrote, "Dude, I'm in labor."

3. Go to one of those Christmas All Year Long stores and buy a "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament. Moms-to-be love that sorta stuff, and you can find the ornament for less than $10. Or you can create one for free out of leftover polymer clay or spraypainted wood or something you have around the house.

4. Diapers. Any size. Any amount. No matter how many you get, it won't be enough. This is a gift that won't go to waste. Actually, it WILL go to waste because it'll be a receptacle for poop but you know what I mean.

5. An outfit or stuffed animal that someone in your house outgrew and forgot about. This one's tricky. It has to be something really cool like a vintage Superman T-shirt in a tiny size or a classic teddy bear. You also have to write a whole backstory to the piece explaining the significance of it. Otherwise, you just end up looking cheap.

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